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2019 – The good news

By 14. August 2019June 8th, 2020No Comments

Not only focusing on the bad news of 2019

We are often bombarded with negative and shocking headlines which makes us feel that the world is falling apart. However, while it’s important to report on problems and issues, we believe there is so much good in this world too. We need more positive news to acknowledge that the world is actually getting better little by little. Here are 15 good news from 2019.

  1. The world is literally a greener place than it was 20 years ago, Nasa satellite study finds.
  2. Amazon tribe wins legal battle against oil companies, preventing drilling in Amazon Rainforest.
  3. A man in India planted a tree every day for 35 years and created a forest larger than Central Park.
  4. Norway decides not to drill for oil in the Lofoten Islands to protect its ecosystem.
  5. Thailand supermarket says no to plastic packaging and wraps produce in banana leaves
  6. Rice farmers around the world are using ducks instead of harmful pesticides, feeding on insects and weeds, without touching the plants.
  7. In Rome, you can now pay for Metro Train tickets with plastic bottles. So far more than 350,000 bottles have been recycled.
  8. Holland covers hundreds of bus stops with plants – “Green Roofs” – where bees can take refuge.
  9. Scientists found an edible mushroom that eats plastic, and it could clean our landfills.
  10. South Korea once recycled 2% of its food waste. Now it recycles 95% thanks to smart bins and special biodegradable bags.
  11. Peru has committed to ending palm oil-driven deforestation by 2021. A “momentous win” for wildlife and sustainable agriculture.
  12. Scientist in Mexico creates fake plastic from cactus juice that biodegrades in a month and is safe to ingest.
  13. Creator of Fortnite, Tim Sweeney, is buying thousands of acres of forest to stop it from being cut down.
  14. Renewable energy sources now account for around a third of all global power capacity.
  15. Research finds that feeding cows seaweed cuts 99% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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