CONCEPTS by Astrid

Astrid has developed the brand together with the design and production team at eco.logic, choosing some of the best options available for producing clothes with less negative impact on the environment. The most valuable impact we have on the planet lies in the choices we make. This collection is made of good choices.

I believe caring for the environment and the generations
to come should be at the core of every one of us.
For my new clothing collection, I have teamed
up with eco.logic and CHOOOSE, thinking that
if everyone does a little,
it suddenly becomes a lot.

Astrid’s first collection is the first artist merchandise recognized through the United Nations initiative Climate Neutral Now. If purchasing one of the garments from the collection, you will effectively help reduce 100 kilos of CO2, by supporting a closely selected wind farm project in Vietnam.

The project is verified by the United Nations for replacing coal and oil with renewable energy and provides better opportunities for the local population.