Cupro is technically cotton, but from another part of the plant, giving the resulting fabric a significantly different hand than typical cotton. Cupro is a plant-based natural fiber made from a recycled part of the cotton plant. It also retains the dye very well, meaning its dye process is much more streamlined in terms of waste.

The fabric is breathable and regulates body temperature well. Additionally, there is no need to take this textile to the cleaners – it can be washed and dried in the machine (unlike silk), is anti-static, and resists stretching out at high temperatures.

Sustainable advantages 

  • Cupro is a plant based, renewable resource and has low concentration of CO2
  • It is biodegradable in soil and decomposes to its natural components in the soil, with very little environmental burden,
  • Usage of water and chemicals are minimized and the circulation of the chemicals used within the process is highly optimized, hence, no harmful chemicals that will end up in the soil
  • Closed loop and transparent production method allow development and discussion of the production

Sustainable disadvantages

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