First; When using the word “sustainable” we want to stress that there are many perceptions of this word. There is no one-way-to-be-sustainable, and to be honest; if we were going to be sustainable in its purest form, we would have to ditch producing anything at all, and end consumption would have to stop. Because, there is no way of producing textile in a 100% environmental friendly way. Not yet.

Instead of waiting for a solution with a “big S”, we have decided to use the solutions that already exist. At least this can have an impact on all emissions when producing. In the future we want to see a landscape where toxin-free, renewable materials are conceived and produced within a circular and waste-free model.

Our vision is to provide sustainable, ethical and high quality designs, and to create environmental awareness. We will always try to find the better solution for the environment and inspire others to make eco.friendlier choices.

We love fashion, which by its nature is constantly moving, fickle and hugely wasteful. To counter this, we believe in wearing items for their functional lifespan and being more discerning when making your purchases – try to only ever buy an item you truly love and will wear to death. Then recycle what’s left of it.

We only stock designs which have an ethical and eco dimension – be it recycled, organic cotton, non-toxic, fair trade, sustainable, vegan, hand-made, EU-made or non-exploitative.

To help you determine the ethics of each item in our eco store, each products ethics are explained in their MY ETHICS tab.
Many of our designers and products have official accreditation from internationally recognised bodies.

We trust our producers to inform us correctly of their practices, and ethical and eco-status of the materials used. We regret that we cannot always inspect their manufacturing processes closely for ourselves.

Many people have different interpretations of what is 100 per cent ethical fashion. We believe if you are making a honest genuine move in the right direction to less harmful, exploitative practices, that is better than no move at all.

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