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Launching: Au Revoir

By 6. January 2020No Comments

Our PRE20 Collection

Sophisticated mademoiselle meets self-appointed gentlewoman. Eclectic and elegant, yet distinctly playful.

Envelope1976s creative director Celine Aagaard has been inspired by the fashion capitol, Paris. Interpreting the juxtaposition between the classic Parisienne, the modern woman, non-chalantly donning a men’s blazer and the typical tourist seeking that tiny souvenir shop in her little black dress and high heels, bathed in the glow of the Eiffel Tower as its light signals midnight.

The fourth collection from Envelope1976 is not about striving for French style, or trend hopping, but rather about cracking the code to unique personal style made with long-lasting sustainable materials. There are no rules on how to style Envelope1976, the garments are designed for multiple use with the hope that they will become wardrobe favourites forever. There is no one way to wear Envelope1976.

The silhouettes are narrower this season, the iconic little black dress is the centre-piece along with the elegant suit. Pencil skirts have made a comeback, as well as the classic pleated skirt and the cable tied sweater in recycled cashmere. The waist is defined and the hat compliments the ensemble together with vegan leather gloves. 

The collection is stylish and feminine, reminiscent of the first trip to the big city. The embroidered Paris T-shirt, the Eiffel Tower keyring. The emblematic landmark that continues to fascinate. Symbolizing France and the potent romantic notions of the city’s 5.5 million annual visitors. 

However, the collection incorporates a trip further south. On the train via Toulouse, across the border to Sitges and San Sebastian in Spain. Places that have inspired Aagaard since her childhood, imprinting countless visual impressions. The postcards sent home were as old as the dilapidated hotels they were found in. 

We belive in transparancy, and are always looking for ways to reduce our
environmental footprints. Thank you for taking part in our journey. 

– Creative Director, Celine Aagaard

Photo: Ole Martin Halvorsen, @olemh
Model: Bianca Castro, @itsbiancacastro


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