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Passion for Ocean – The Talk

By 12. September 2019September 17th, 2019No Comments

Fashion for Ocean


Passion for Ocean Festival is a 24-hour tribute to the ocean, where the goal is to create good experiences and relationships with all the wonders that take place on, by or under the surface. They want to motivate people and influence business to make better choices when it comes to impacting the ocean. They do this through projects that engage, provide knowledge and show the many possibilities of the sea.

We were so lucky to be a part of Fashion for Ocean and helped with breaking down the myths and truths, along with other talented people, about the fashion industry.

“We need transparency in the industry and share our thoughts for a more sustainable future within fashion”
– Pia Nordskaug, CEO

Our CEO and co-founder, Pia Nordskaug, is taking a stand and talking about sustainability in the fashion industry.

One of the models in San Clemente dress from Envelope1976.

Nieu hoodie in 100 % organic cotton.

The world ocean provides a lot of benefits, and it is time to start taking more care of it. A few of the things the ocean does for humans and the planet are producing oxygen, transportation possibilities, being a natural food and medicine source and much more.
Passion for Ocean is just a kick start to make awareness, but the rest is up to us – to start making a change.


Photographer: Gitte Paulsbo and Helge Brekke


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