Pia Nordskaug

Co-founder, CEO – eco.logic AS

Pia worked in a leading position at the renowned Kaare Lund Agency, managing 20 international and local brands as Head of Sales. After five years she decided to take the entrepreneurial leap. Together with award-winning Comedian Morten Ramm, international Fashion Profile Celine Aaagaard and Business Consultant Adam Ikdal they co-founded eco.logic; an eco-conscious house of brands. Their vision is to provide sustainable, ethical and high-quality designs and to create environmental awareness.

+47 461 70 870

Morten Ramm

Co-founder, head of communication – all eco.logic brands

Morten is an award-winning Norwegian comedian, copywriter and actor. He is the new face of nieu, as well as the visionary leader and creative force behind the eco.logic brands. He contributes to every aspects of the business and works closely with Pia and the rest of team eco.logic


Adam S. Ikdal

Co-founder, Eco.logic AS

Adam is a Senior Partner at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm. He has been with BCG for over 20 years, stationed in Norway, USA and for the last four years in South Africa.

He is specialising in strategy and profit improvement programs for leading companies in multiple industries.

In eco.logic Adam consults on the overall financial and creative strategy and direction of the company.

Celine Aagaard

PR/fashion – eco.logic AS
Co-founder, Creative Director – Envelope1976

The former Editor in Chief of TOPP, STYLEmag and STYLEInterior, Celine has for the past fifteen years been one of Norway’s most influential fashion and lifestyle industry profiles. Celine is a leading lady in the Norwegian fashion industry and has gained a strong position internationally. Celine is frequently featured in The New York Times, VOGUE, ELLE, W Magazine, L´officiel, Coveteur and Harpers Bazaar. Celine has worked as a journalist, photographer and editor for over 20 years. She is a three times published author, – and current editor in Chief of the website Envelope.no, besides being Creative Director of ENVELOPE1976.

As a designer Celine is a versatile trend expert with broad knowledge and insight into trends, fashion, lifestyle and consumer behavior.

Aagaard has been profiled as a fashion expert on TV2, and has done successful design collaborations with Holzweiler, Elle&il and Eurosko. As a consultant she has been working with campaigns, events and social media for brands such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, Timberland, Krogh Optikk and Tiger of Sweden.

Bjørn Asgeirsson

Co-founder, PR nieu AS

Bjørn has since the beginning overseen the brand values and communications for humornieu and nieu. His background in television and PR makes him a key partner in social media campaigns and marketing activities focusing on nieu. He works closely with Morten and Pia on copywriting and storytelling for nieu.

+47 909 38 021

Helene Krogh

Marketing and PR intern – all eco.logic brands

Helene is newly graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and is our go-to-person when it comes to marketing and PR. With experience both inside the boarder of Norway and in America, she is the author behind our articles and controls our social media content together with Celine.

+47 464 63 316

Karoline Ådnanes

Graphic Designer – all eco.logic brands

Karoline has been working as a freelance designer for the last two years after studying Visual Communications at the University of South-Eastern Norway. Karoline is engaged in all our eco.logic brands, and has a way of always knowing what the clients wants.

+47 909 82 216

Helen Krogsrud

Design/technical sheets – all eco.logic brands

Helen is an expert in design and commercialization of products! She has many years of experience in design and production with some of Norways biggest fashion brands, as well as commercial experience from Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Michael Kors, Céline and Givenchy.
Helen makes sure that all technical sheets, measurement charts, sizebreaks and fitting are up to speed for all eco.logic brands.

+47 922 76 533

Ferdinand Brusdal

Co-founder/sales – russ by eco.logic

Ferdinand co-founded InvoeRuss AS in 2014 with his brother, Bendik. The company are now a market leader within the niche “Russ”. They provide traditional coveralls, apparel, merchandise, tailored music and events for Norwegian high school graduates, also named russ, during the local celebrations.

+47 469 22 646

Selda Colakoglu

Production/consulting – all eco.logic brands

Selda is our go-to-person in Turkey, representing our local partner Enko LTD. The agency has worked with prestigious international designer brands and provides valuable fashion consultancy. The team supervises our eco-friendly policy throughout the supply chain. Whether purchasing sustainable, high-quality fabrics or reducing the amount of chemicals, water and energy used in the manufacturing. Enko´s purpose is to spread awareness and knowledge of eco-conscious industry. We believe they are a great match.

Bendik Brusdal

Co-founder/logistics – russ by eco.logic

Bendik is a pioneer in the niche market russ, experienced in both sales and accounting. He started the company Dugnad AS when he was only 19 years old. Within 5 years InvoeRuss AS was the only supplier of both Dugnad and Clothes. The siblings made a conscious choice co-founding the brand “Russ” with eco.logic. Their aim is to provide sustainable and ethical clothing to a new russ generation.

+47 994 03 260

Responsiv Media AS

Digital agency

Digital agency based in Oslo, specialized in webdesign and webdevelopment, graphic design, concept and strategy, advertising and social media.

910 03 270 | 922 16 042

Sebastian Gruer Sæther

Sales – russ by eco.logic

Sebastian delivered remarkable sales results for the company InvoeRuss AS and later became a partner.

+47 902 59 501