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Q&A – Alexander Winslöw

By 2. April 2019No Comments
Alexander is the Designer, Creative and Co-founder of F5 Agency and F5 Concept Store. The F5 Concept Store is one of the few places in Oslo that has a sharp focus on Norwegian fashion brands.

Q&A - Alexander Winsloew

Alexander Winslöw Krystad Marthinsen

F5 co-owner and jack of all trades. I the F5 store, brand and agency with my brothers Emil and Benjamin.

I work at F5 in Oslo, but live a 20 minute boat ride away, which suits me perfectly. From time to time I also make stuff in our little welding workshop, in our grandmothers garage.

You are what you eat, what are you?
I am meat, therefore I eat meat. I dont want to be an apple (but i do eat apples now and then). I would go 100% carnivore (eating only animal foods) but I am just to fond of my banana-pancakes with chocolate. I was 100% raw food and ate very little animal foods for more than 10 years, so this is the pendulum swinging the other way, I guess.

What would never end up on your plate?
Never say never, right? But very rarely eat grains, beans and legumes and soy.

Do you have green fingers?
Yes! I used to have a little garden of my own as a teenager, and grew herbs, spices and vegetables. A childhood friend and I also used to grow weed in the woods every summer when we where teens! I still grow plants every summer, but the weed thing has been dead for almost 15 years. It’s sad, because it was a lot of fun. More so the growing part than the smoking, actually. These days I grow flowers, herbs and tomatoes in our garden with my girlfriend and kids.

What do you do to make your day green?
As a consumer and private person, I do the regular things that most people do. I recycle, I never throw non-bio degradable things around in nature and we have a compost. As a business, we strive to make as little damage as possible, and to do good where we can. We make sure not to over produce, we choose bio-degradable fibers, organic natural fibers and never throw away clothes. If we have leftovers, we give them away to people in need, and we try to make donations to Amnesty International whenever we can.

What’s your fits-to-all-occasions-garment?
Maybe not every single occasion, but I use my old, worn out, black Avenue hoodies all the time. I have one on now.

If you only had 8 different garments, what would your wardrobe look like?
Thats pretty much what I have these days. I need a pair of jeans, a pair of suit pants, some hoodies and T-shirts. Thats it. I dont wear much else. A set of workout clothes and my ju-jitsu gi. What colors do you belive in for next season? – I always believe in black. I feel well in black. I try to use more colors, but always en up feeling like a clown. I have no clue what colors are trending right now.

Forest and hiking, or sea and swimming?
All of the above.

Gallery or cinema?
I never do any of them, and I promise myself to do more of both. It is just tough to prioritize.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn?
Spring and summer, all day every day please!

How do you beat time?
I never, ever have any spare time. I am at work, or I am cleaning up the house or working out. If I do have a minute here and there, I spend it just being with my kids and/or girlfriend, not doing anything special. Just hang out, maybe read or watch something on Netflix. My only “alone time” is spent in the gym.

How do you get people smiling?
Tell them silly dad jokes. Works half the time.

What is happiness for you?
Happiness for me is carrying both my daughters, one in each arm. It is being alone with my girlfriend for just a second. It is reaching goals at work, and hitting a new PR on the squat/deadlift/bench press.

A- or B-human?
The one where I would love staying up late and sleep forever. Does anyone really not want that?

What drives you?
Setting a goal, designing a strategy to reach it, implement it and see that it works. Makes me want to do it all over again every time. That, and seeing people loving the stuff we make. That is such an honor.

What’s your life motto?
I don’t know if I have one. I like a quote that Mark Bell ends his podcasts with. Strength is never a weakness, weakness is never a strength.

Who inspires you?
Great designers and great businesspeople. My kids and girlfriend. Strong people.

Do you have a local hero you would like to give a shout out to?
From the top of my mind I would mention the guys at AlsoKnownAs for putting Oslo on the map and doing crazy stuff. And that is leaving many other out, but you guys know who you are.


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