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Q&A – Caroline Heyerdahl

By 20. November 2018One Comment
Caroline Heyerdahl is the creator of C soaps. The idea was to create the best of many worlds and put it on your kitchen counter. Without nasties. C is a series of natural cleaning products for you and your home. Developed in Norway, Caroline searched high and low to find the best organic ingredients that are effective, safe and smell amazing. C soaps are produced in England from organic materials that she has handpicked herself.

Q&A - Caroline Heyerdahl

Caroline Heyerdahl

Creator of C Soaps

Born and bred in Bærum, but our family had a small farm in Asker where we grew every veggie I can think of, and the best raspberries in the world. Today, 48 years later, I live in Drammen Norway, with my husband, two grown kids and a happy dog Fido.

You are what you eat, what are you?
The best salad you ever had. Green, nourishing, crunchy, soft, full of energy, cold, hot and filled with and egg and the unexpected

What would never end up on your plate?
Chicken in a yellow tray (you know who you are.) or other animals from farm factories.

Do you have green fingers?
To some extent, at least I have a green eye and mind and I am an avid reader of Gardens Illustrated and have Latin for Gardeners on my night shelf.

What do you do to make your day green?
Herbs, lots of them. Parsley and kale like it in Norway so I eat them after the frost has settled in.

Whats your fits-to-all-occasions-garment?
A pair of black wool culottes, yes culottes, look it up.

If you only had 8 different garments, what would your wardrobe look like?
Wool and silk underwear make 2, soft cotton blouse from Stories by Kine and a nice soft scarf makes 4, the best organic woollen Swedish collants/stockings, a pair of wide pants from Cathrine Hammel and a pair of jeans make 7, and my favorite pair of sneakers.

What colors do you belive in for next season?
I have been craving hot pink for a while.

Forest and hiking, or sea and swimming?
La mer, toujours la mer.

Gallery or cinema?

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn?
Early spring, when all is to come.

How do you beat time?
Beat time? Ask me when my business is more established. And the kids have started their own lives.

How do you get people smiling?
By smiling myself and being interested.

What is happiness for you?
Familybliss, when it occurs. And a great dive or workout.

A or B-human?
A, I could go to bed and get up at 4 if life permitted.

What drives you?
In Norwegian we have a word that my first client taught me, the joy of work; arbeidsglede. I do not know where it comes from but I LOVE my job and getting up in the mornings.

Whats your life motto?
Try again.

Who inspire you?
Great writers and people with a sense of humor and style (in that order); Elsa Beskow, Stendhal, Claire Messud, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Pagnol, Claire Vivier.

Do you have a local hero you would like to give a shout out to?
I am obsessing over why the school gardens in Norway, after reading about Alice Waters’ edible school garden project I am so happy to see Andreas Viestad doing this in Norway.

That is what I would have done if I had not spent my time on greening our children and getting rid of unnecessary chemicals in our cleaners. So it would be him; bravo!


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