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Q&A Celine Moe

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Q&A - Celine Marie Moe

Celine Marie Moe

Brand Director at CHOOOSE, co-founder at Brygglab.
CHOOOSE is a platform offering individuals and companies measurable and effective solutions to help combat climate action verified by the UN. CHOOOSE was recently awarded one of the top 10 best startups globally by Richard Branson, winner of DNB Next and nominated for Oslo’s Environmental Prize. CHOOOSE believes in combing climate action with culture to engage the majority to combat climate change, and they have created a content-platform highlighting climate positive solutions to make it easier for consumers to choose climate-conscious choices with community members in 50 countries. They currently work with over 130 partners worldwide including Fortum, Designers Remix, Get/Telia, TISE, Matoma, Volt, and the National Ski Jumping Team.

Based in Oslo, we also have headquarters in California.

You are what you eat, what are you?
I’m probably an Impossible burger or a chia pudding 😉

What would never end up on your plate?
Cute and hairy animals.

Do you have green fingers?
We  just moved to a new home with a small garden at Tåsen in Oslo, so I’m working on my gardening skills,  but I still have a long way to go! My mother-in-law gave me a gardening book for Christmas, so I take the hint 😉 I have 40 plants in my house that so far has miraculously survived, and I just planted 7 new green friends outdoors last week, so wish me best of luck. And R.I.P. to all the two-hundreds of you who didn’t make it.

What do you do you do to make your day green?
I ride my bike every day, compensate my unavoidable emissions through CHOOOSE and do whatever I can to reuse, reduce, repair and recycle, avoid plastic and choose veggie-options whenever possible. We’ve changed to a green electric provider at home, stopped buying new stuff and replaced our cleaning products to more environmentally friendly options. My daughter and I pick up plastic on our way home from kindergarten, I’ve made her believe it’s some sort of treasure hunt. I’m also a big fan of positive climate-friendly solutions like TISE, Tuckify, Fjong and Too Good to Go. I’m always looking for new environmentally-friendly habits and luckily taking green choices becomes easier every day. And even though we all need to reduce, reuse, refuse, reduce and recycle, we must not forget that there are only 100 companies alone who are responsible for 71% of global CO2-emissions. Putting pressure on these companies, voting with what you buy and supporting politicians who are focusing on tackling climate change is an important action to contribute to combat the climate crisis on a daily basis. I definitely need to reduce my use of flight transportation, and I hope the aviation industry will manage to come up with a climate-friendly alternative soon.

What’s your fits-to-all-occasions-garment?
Basic thin wool sweater, a Faithfull the Brand wrap skirt/or dress, a leather jacket (unfortunately it’s not vegan leather, but it’s an old friend that will last for a lifetime), sneakers and a Chanel purse I inherited from my 90-year-old grandma. I love absolutely everything in her closet. She got the best taste and style.

If you only had 8 different garments, what would your wardrobe look like?
Plain wool-basics, my leather jacket from Acne, our climate positive T-shirts produced in collaboration with Volt and UNFCCC,  a second-hand Reformation wrap dress, black jeans, a knit sweater my mum made me, a black jumpsuit, and a dark green long wool coat.  All items made to last for decades and throughout generations.

What colors do you believe in for next season?
Earth colors (dark green, mint, yellow gold, olives, rusty red, burgundy, beige) and of course CHOOOSE-pink 😉

Forest and hiking, or sea and swimming?
A combination! Forest-hike including diving into a post-swim in the sea with forest-view.

Gallery or cinema?
Galleries, if I’m in a talkative mood. Otherwise cinemas! (Although it usually ends up with a kids movie on Netflix).

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn?
Spring and summer, since it’s the best seasons for biking, plants bloom, and people tend to be in good mood 🙂

How do you beat time?
I wish there was more time to beat! If I do have some spare time I listen to NRK’s Ekko-podcast, scroll Instagram, read a book, water my plants, stretch-out, catch up with friends over the phone or go for a run. Or eat 🙂

How do you get people smiling?
If people are in a bad mood I tend to be even more positive. It usually works.
I’m also a big fan of jokes and pranks. Although it didn’t go that well 8 years ago when I persuaded the captain at a KLM-flight heading towards Barcelona to propose to my boyfriend over the speaker in front of 200 people as a joke during our first holiday together. We had been together for 1,5 months. He still doesn’t think it’s funny.

What is happiness for you?
A couple of F-words: Family, friends, festivals, French-wine, and Fridays + Green plants and biking while listening to music!

A- or B-human?
I’m an involuntary A-human (my two-year-old wakes up around 6 am every morning).

What drives you?
Gender equality and finding positive and engaging solutions to combat climate change with a yes-can-do-attitude.

What’s your life motto?
I don’t really have a motto, but I guess mine should be: Make the world great again. Or John Lennon’s “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end».

Who inspires you?
My boyfriend. He is a creative multi-talent. And my mom!

Do you have a local hero you would like to give a shout out to?
It’s hard not to mention Greta Thunberg for her engagement and hard work raising global awareness for the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis.
I’m also a big fan of Per Espen Stoknes for his research on how to change people’s mindset on the way people think about global warming. Finally, I wanna give a high five to Jenny Skavlan and the TISE-team who have made reuse and shop-stop hotter than buying something new.


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