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Q&A – Eirik Rime

By 18. December 2018No Comments
Eirik Rime is the CEO, co-founder and fullstack developer of the app Tise. Tise is developing a next generation mobile sales and marketplace solution, where they aim to make it easier and more exciting to sell your stuff online.

Q&A - Eirik Rime

Eirik Frøyland Rime

CEO, Tise

Oslo and Stockholm

You are what you eat, what are you?
A fresh, home made, whole-wheat bun with butter and brown cheese

What would never end up on your plate?

Do you have green fingers?
I like to believe so. I currently care for our four avocado plants, two dracaenas,  two aloe vera plants, two monsteras, our peace lily, lemon tree and devil’s ivy.

What do you do to make your day green?
Walk to work, buy second hand, try to exchange meat with vegetarian alternatives.

Whats your fits-to-all-occasions-garment? 
A white button-down shirt

If you only had 8 different garments, what would your wardrobe look like?
A black t-shirt, a white button-down-shirt, a grey college-sweater, a pair of jeans, a pair of black chinos, one boxer shorts, a pair of socks and a wind/rain jacket

What colors do you belive in for next season?  
Lively coral (or Tise-color as we say)

Forest and hiking, or sea and swimming? 

Gallery or cinema?

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn?

How do you beat time?
By cutting down on TV-time and “Inbox Zero”

How do you get people smiling?
By smiling first

What is happiness for you?
Having a meaningful job, being able to create something, and having friends and family you truly want to spend your time with.

A or B-human?

What drives you? 
People around me

Whats your life motto? 
Most of life’s choices has multiple good options, not one good and one bad. Instead of using too much time to analyse your way to the perfect choice, just pick one.

Who inspires you? 
My mother and father

Do you have a local hero you would like to give a shout out to?  
The whole team at Tise. Might sound like a cliche, but I feel very fortunate to work with all of them.


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