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Q&A – Gitte and Filip

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Gitte Witt is really an actor and model and Filip works as a photographer, but together as a couple they have through their common passion for food, started the food and lifestyle inspiration page gitte&filip.

Q&A - Gitte Witt and Filip Loebbert

Gitte Witt and Filip Loebbert we run a food and lifestyle inspiration page called gitte&filip

We run a food and lifestyle inspiration page called gitte&filip

We are based in Oslo, Norway

You are what you eat, what are you?
We belive that a healthy lifestyle don’t have to compromise with a tasty lifestyle. Our food, what we eat and what we make are without diets or limitations, just full of good ingredients and homemade from scratch. Its natural for us to eat green, we make a lot of salads ands pastas with a green base, olive oil is a must, different cheese and nuts is something we use a lot. We also try to eat a lot of fish. We are not vegetarians, we eat meat and chicken as well, but from local producers with a more sustainable production.

What would never end up on your plate?
A grandiosa, or other over processed food that gives you’re body nothing but bad energy.

Do you have green fingers?
Green when it comes to make food, not so green when it comes to plants and vegetables you grow at home, unfortunately. We dream of a garden one day and then Gitte at least will do a better effort with plants – so far we have one plant we take really good care of, a plant that was a symbol of our firstborn son.  Except that we have fresh flowers every week, it does so much to the home environment.

What do you do yo make your day green?
We have a juicer at our kitchen, so we love to make a juice for breakfast containing apples, celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger, together with coffee and toast. We usually eat something green during lunch as well, and then there’s always a filling salad, or other greens in our dinner. A salad can be so much more than jus leaves and some boring greens – with a bit of creativity it can fulfill a meal for both kids and grown ups.

Whats your fits-to-all-occasions-garment?
A well fitted jeans and a basic white t-shirt from a quality brand goes for both of us as a nice base. Filip on his side always has a version of leather jacket in his wardrobe that he can use with a lot of different combinations. He is really good at having a wardrobe with few, quality pieces that he can make into a lot of cool looks, combined with basics. Gitte tries to follow his example, but its a bit more difficult. However, besides jeans and good basic tees/tops, she comes a long way with a pair of nice heels, an oversized blazer and a silk dress that she can have above stockings and a sweater during wintertime, and then with sandals and bare legs during summer. Its a good feeling we both strive after to open you’re wardrobe door and feel that you just have enough clothes, not to much -not to less, that is of good quality  – and that you want to wear all your pieces of clothes.

If you only had 8 different garments, what would your wardrobe look like?  
Filip: A pair of jeans, a pair of chinos, two t-shirts, one long sleeve tee, one nice thin wool sweater, a leather jacket, and a flannel shirt. For Gitte it would be also a pair of jeans, two t-shirts, a blouse, a silk dress, a cotton dress, a nice oversized wool swather and a all-round jacket you could dress up and down.

What colors do you belive in for next season?
We don’t really follow the seasons fashion guidelines because we’re not in the fashion industri and our clothes needs to last more than a season. However we of course gets affected by the seasons colors, we just don’t have a lot of thoughts about it.

Forest and hiking, or sea and swimming?
Both. We have summerhouse by the ocean, so its natural for us to be there all summer, and also during the whole year. For Gitte the ocean is a place she collect energy and who gives her peace, both in January and in July. Filip feels the same way about hiking in the forest so we also spend a lot of times in the woods around Oslo. Its one of the privilege about living in Oslo that you have the ocean and the forest so close by.

Gallery or cinema?
Filip is a photographer and Gitte is an actress, so both cinema and galleries is our interest. But we goes to the cinema a bit more than we visit galleries, there is something about going to the cinema that gives you a real nice brak from everything and allows you to just fall into the film and don’t think about anything else for a few hours.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn?
Filip is born during autumn so for him that has always been a favorite. Gitte would choose summer, but everything except maybe the darkest wintertime is magic in its own way I think.

How do you beat time?
Hehe. We try not to beat time. There will be a point in your life when everything you wish for is more time, so it’s kinda sad if you use you’re life to beat time. We live in a time where it’s really hard to concentrate, social media has made us restless and unfocused. So we try, not always managing – but we try our best to use our spare time wisely by reading a book, go for a run or spend time with our child – who does nothing except being present.

How do you get people smiling?
By caring a bit extra – everyone loves to get treated with something nice once in a while.

What is happiness for you?
Happiness is being satisfied with you’re everyday life. That is in the end what matters – not the big vacations or parties but the little moments that makes you’re days, and you’re life, surrounded by you’re family and the people you love.

A- or B-human?
A human. Luckily we have one and soon two small children.

What drives you?
To make a good life for our children, and what it takes for us to feel that we are inspired in our life, and that we also get to be Gitte and Filip as individuals besides being mum, dad, husband and wife.

What’s your life motto?
Gittes is every wall is a door – its tattooed on her chest and its something her father whispered in her ear the day and moment she was born. ( Filips would be keep calm and love life.)

Who inspires you?
France and Italian lifestyle and food, flowers, interior, colors, books, films, and our son Louis.

Do you have a local hero you would like to give a shout out to?
Gittes mom is a hero for her because she has shown her whole life that there is possible to be the most loving and caring mom for three children and at the same time work and be a person on her own.


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