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By 21. March 2019No Comments

#russforeco – online store


Russefeiring is a Norwegian tradition for youngsters to celebrate their graduation from High School. It is a month-long celebration and the tradition has been in Norway for more than 100 years.

So, you might wonder why a house-of-brand with eco.friendly values ​​has one of its segments as russ. Well, that is because we do not only care about how we can create eco-friendly garment, but also how we can influence others with the importance of such work. The world depends on the fact that people need to get an eco.friendlier attitude towards life, and we, eco.logic, want it to be easy to choose the eco.option, even for the russ.

Over one year the russ consume around an average of 3 sweaters each, and with a target audience of 40,000 young people each year, one can already imagine how much garment that is produced only for this russefeiring. One single sweater takes 2,700 liters of water to produce, and the simple math shocked us. As the demand from russ always will exist, we will try to meet this need by offering an option that is less water-intensive, produced with less toxic chemicals and transported in eco.friendlier ways.

The youngsters are a big part of our planet’s future,
so why not start thinking about the future when they are russ?

Our partner, Invoeruss, have opened an online store where the russ can buy russ by eco.logic clothes. We want to start a viral trend for the russ called “#RUSSFORECO” – to show that it is easy and cool to care. We care and it is important that others do it too.


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