First, when using the word “sustainable” we want to stress that there are many perceptions of this word. There is no single way to be sustainable, and to be honest; if we were going to be sustainable in the purest sense, we would have to ditch producing anything at all, and end consumption would have to stop. Because there is no way of producing textiles in a 100% environmental friendly way. Not yet at least.

Instead of waiting for a solution with a “big S”, we have decided to use the solutions that already exist. At least this can have an impact on all emissions when producing. In the future we want to see a landscape where toxin-free, renewable materials are conceived and produced within a circular and waste-free model.

Our vision is to provide sustainable, ethical and high-quality designs, and to create environmental awareness. We will always try to find the better solution for the environment and inspire others to make eco.friendlier choices.

People may ask what we consider as sustainable, and to be honest, we think it is difficult to define such a big term as sustainability. Instead of characterizing ourself as 100 % sustainable and sticking to one definition, we like to say that sustainability is more like an attitude and we try to focus on the value of being transparent. We want people to be aware of the challenges we face and what we do in order to overcome these challenges. The fact is: It is not easy to be all eco.friendly, but we will always try our best.