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Looking back, while stepping forward – The year of 2018

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our first year at eco.logic


Behind the scenes
We have experienced many exciting events the past year. There have been a lot of photoshoots and interviews, pack shots, launch events and as well trips to the manufacturer. Here are some pictures behind the scenes of what has happened outside the office the last year.

Behind the scenes – at the office
Running a business in the clothing industry is not only fun, consisting of events, photoshoots and social media. Most of our days are spent at the office. We spend time delivering orders, brainstorming ideas, reviewing next year’s collections and we are always planning and looking for how we can make our garment even more eco.friendlier.

It is always a lot of people stopping by our office and we love it! We have an open showroom and office, and have been visited by International Press such as Vogue, W magazine, Elle, Costume and L´Officiel, as well as Norwegian magazines and stylists. An ordinary week at our office can consist of visits from comedians, influencers, journalists, friends and family. Here are a few pictures of some of those who have taken the trip to Kongens Gate in 2018.

We have been so lucky to have been featured in the press several times in 2018, both nationally and internationally. We appreciate all the attention, and it is inspiring to see that there are so many who are interested in what we are doing. Our goal is not to only make garment more sustainable and eco.friendlier, but also to send out a message and to create environmental awareness.

Trips to Istanbul, our manufacturer
We believe it is important to have good communication with the manufacturers and also visit them once in a while to follow up the production. We do this so we can ensure our customers that our garment are eco.friendly throughout the whole process. Here are some pictures from our trips to Istanbul.

Nieu clothing
We launched our new website, with our new products in GOTS certified organic cotton. We collaborated with amazing retailers around Norway, to mention someone; Bogart Cosmo in Trondheim, M.A.P.T in Gjøvik, selected Høyer stores and Dale Trend in Ålesund. We had a fun photoshoot with friends of Nieu. We also went on production trips to make sure we get the best fabric, with as little emission as possible

Envelope 1976
What a year for Envelope 1976! We launched the first collection in November and the engagement was above all expectations, several of the garments were sold out on the launch day. The brand has been mentioned several times in the press, it is sold several places in Norway, people constantly stop by asking about the clothes, but we will not stop here. 2019 will bring even more projects, and we look forward to an exciting time ahead.

This year has been a great kick off for our brand eco.merch. We are working with some big customers such as Katla, Stasjonen Tb and several others. We got the opportunity to design sweaters for Hvite Gutter, with the popular “Venner’n” logo. We are excited to see that people and companies is starting to choose the more eco.friendlier alternative.

Russ by eco.logic
We have decided to enter a market in Norway called “Russ”, and we see a big potential here by giving the “Russ” the more eco.friendlier choice. We are in collaboration with Invoeruss, who is the market leader within the niche “Russ”. We have arranged a party where both Pia and Morten joined, we have had photoshoots and pack shots. We are excited to see how this project will turn out in the years to come.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made 2018 great – 2019 here we go


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